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Computer networks

Free online preparation course

The following free online course will shed some light on basic network concepts and principles that are the building blocks of cybersecurity.

It should take you a few days to go through.
Once done - use the following link to complete a short test that will be taken into account as part of your application process.


No prior experience is required, but it is important to note that this course builds on concepts discussed throughout the course below - Computer Fundamentals - that is essential for many entry-level positions in the IT world. 

What you will learn

  • Using the OSI model to determine the order protocols interact

  • Network configuration on a workstation and understand the different components

  • Identify important networking hardware and its purpose in the network

  • Different types of 802.11 wireless networks and how they are used

  • Cabling types and how fiber optics work

  • Using secure mechanisms engineers employ to access network hardware

  • Reading network documentation

  • Utilizing appropriate tools to monitor the state of network devices

  • Maintaining a safe environment for networks

  • Troubleshooting and tracking down network problems

Computer FUNDAMENtals

Free online preparation course

In this series, you'll learn about hardware, networking, mobile devices, and troubleshooting.
Once you complete this one - go to Computer Networks and give it a go.


No prerequisites, basic knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems is recommended, but not necessary.

What you will learn

  • How to navigate Windows OS and command-line

  • Laptop hardware, components and features

  • Fundamental networking tools and concepts, and architecture

  • Interior and exterior PC hardware components

  • Navigating non-Windows OS such as OS X and Mobile OS

  • Troubleshooting hardware and network problems, as well as software issues

  • Common threats and basic security practices