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Sensei School invests in you:

As a successful applicant through income share agreement (ISA)

We provide you with the education, skills, certificates, community and connections to launch a successful career.
We've lowered the risk for each student by enabling you to pay nothing upfront. You'd share 14% of your income for three years once you start to earn $60,000 annually. 

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We work closely with leading prominent companies in the cybersecurity space, to keep our program up to date and perfectly relevant. We have based the syllabus, structure and exercises on their feedback, as well as our own expertise. That way we do not waste your time, while preparing you to become an excellent candidate.

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Why we do it: skill gaps & structural unemployment.

Over 100 million people don’t have the necessary skills for todays job market.

We are committed to prepare people for the real world, where institutions, training providers and bootcamps very often fail - be that by accumulating debt for people attending or by failing to prepare them with the neccessary skills.