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Sensei School — a live, online school that takes people and trains them to become cyber security professionals. People don’t need to have any particular background or experience, and there are no fees nor debt involved. Sensei School works exclusively with Income Share Agreements (ISA).

Average salary for entry level cyber security positions is $86,000 and there are over 300,000 job openings currently according to cyberseek.org — a project supported by the US National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). Cybersecurity salaries for positions like cybersecurity analyst, incident responders and cybersecurity analyst are very competitive. Cybersecurity Ventures also has a summary on the job market that is a good overview with some forecasts.

The rate of growth for jobs in cybersecurity is projected to grow 28 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average

Income sharing, College debt & unemployment

Our founders have been involved in the training space for years before founding Sensei School. One day in a TechCrunch article on new types of education models - more specifically - Income Share Agreements. That instantly resonated with both of them and they spend days conceptualising and discussing. Then it hit them:

“This can actually eliminate unemployment.”

More specifically, structural unemployment — this is when people actually want to and can work. That seemed like a good moonshot. It’s like investing in startups for a percentage of the company, but for people. The company can spend time and resources training people for a percentage of their salary — in exchange they would increase their salary significantly, sometimes even double or triple it.

Bringing corporate style training down to bachelor level education made sense, especially after talking to a friend who was a Dean at a top US college. In her view, college degrees were an outdated product. Degrees cover knowledge just-in-case as opposed just-in-time. “People are going around saying it’s a marketing problem, it isn’t.” The 21st century skills that people need are changing fast. This also seems to be the case according to some large companies like Google, Apple and EY that no longer require college degrees.

How it works

We don’t charge students any upfront fees. In exchange for attending our program which includes soft skills, cyber security training, career coaching, accredited certificates and some warm introductions to their potential employers, students share 14% of their post-graduation salary for 3 years if or when they start making $60,000 or more. That way they don’t accumulate debt, there are no interest rates and they no need any money to apply.

Some schools require you wear pants, have money and background. 
Sensei School doesn’t: one gets all the 21st century skills needed to get an IT security job — live and online, empowered by income share agreements.

Our goals are aligned with theirs — getting them hired in a position with lots of opportunity to learn and grow, and with a rather good salary. We also have our own social network where students learn from one another, connect with their instructors, guest speakers, and even recruiters.

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